[Xfce-i18n] [SPAMKLASSAT av SU] Re: [SPAMKLASSAT av SU] [it] New Itlaian translator?

Fabio Riga usul at aruba.it
Mon Mar 26 01:16:45 CEST 2007

In data 26/03/2007 00:56:24, Maximilian Schleiss ha scritto:
> Fabio Riga a écrit :
> > Hello everybody,
> >
> >
> Hi Fabio,
Hi Maximilian,

> it is a good thing to try to contact the former maintainer of a
> translation and since nobody answered you can begin translating Xfce
> 4.4.
This sounds good! :)

> First you should download the scripts from the i18n.xfce.org website
> here
> http://i18n.xfce.org/wiki/svn_howto#svn_scripts_for_translating_.po_files.
> For these scripts to work, you'll need subversion to be installed.
> Your
> focus should be given on the 4.4 scripts first.

> As soon as you have all the 4.4 translations done, you will send a
> unified diff of these changes to this list and we will commit your
> work.
> If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on this list.
Uhm... Do you mean one diff for all po files? I'm not sure I will  
understand how to do it. Well, I never used subversion nor diff before!  
eh-eh... I bet I can find some good howto somewhere... :)

> > Can I start?
> >
> >
> It's late now, better go to sleep and start with a fresh mind tomorrow
This is a very good advice! But you are still up too!! ;-)
> morning ;-p
Bonne nuit! ;)

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