[Xfce-i18n] New danish translator ?

Maximilian Schleiss maxschleiss at bluewin.ch
Sun Mar 4 10:58:19 CET 2007

Niels Rasmussen a écrit :
> Hi list
Hi Niels,

> I would to translate Xfce into danish.
you are warmly welcomed to bring back to life the Danish translated 
Xfce. It hasn't seen any movement since many years. Only Xfce 4.2 seems 
to benefit from a Danish translation 

> As far as I can see:
> http://i18n.xfce.org/wiki/language_maintainers
> There are no translaters for danish, is this the fact ??
This is sad but true. I updated this list some time ago and took out all 
the translators that did not send in updated versions of some packages 
for more than a year.

> If so, I would like to do some translation on the Xfce core.
I will update the list in a short time but you can already add your name 
as a new Danish translator.

> Previously I've been involved in translating the new graphical debian
> installer (it has more than 12000 lines :)).
Xfce counts less lines, some example of it is the French translation 
page http://i18n.xfce.org/stats/index.php?mode=4&lang=trunk/fr, it has 
more 4800 lines translated, this is without the documentation po files.

> I'm using Poedit.
> Now how should I get started ? I'm not familiar with the svn stuff though :/
You could start by reading the i18n.xfce.org website, it contains lots 
of useful information about the translation process and download the 
scripts to translate the 4.4 version of Xfce to be found on the 
svn_howto page 

You will need to use subversion for these scripts to work, some 
information about svn can also be found on the i18n.xfce.org website. If 
you have any further questions, please feel free to ask them on this 
mailing list.

I look forward to add the Danish translations in the Xfce svn tree.

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