[Xfce-i18n] [ka] Update Georgian Translation

Maximilian Schleiss maximilian at xfce.org
Sun Jul 15 21:53:14 CEST 2007

Le dimanche 15 juillet 2007 à 21:03 +0400, Dimitri Gogelia a écrit :
> Hi All!

Hi Dimitri,

> Please, update Georgian translation for 4.4 version.
your files have been added and will be committed within the next couple
of minutes.

May I ask you once more to pay attention to the fact that we mainly work
with svn patches here, this reduces the time to update the translations
for us committers. To do so you can either grab the scripts from the
svn_howto section on the i18n.xfce.org website or update your working
folder to reflect the same tree structure as the one used by the Xfce
project as follows:

the following example uses the branched version of the mousepad project

still with mousepad here is the tree structure for trunk

Be kind enough to use this structure above for your next updates. I
attached an "svn diff" made patch of your update so you can see what I
am talking about. To make this patch I entered the xfce folder and just
typed "svn diff > ka.4_4.patch".

Please be so kind to take these small steps in consideration and reply
to this mail if any point is unclear.

Thank you in advance for your kind answer.

Best regards,
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