[Xfce-i18n] Translation stats bug?

Jari Rahkonen jari.rahkonen at pp1.inet.fi
Fri Jan 19 17:58:35 CET 2007

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Maximilian Schleiss kirjoitti:
> Jari Rahkonen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The Xfce Translation Statistics page [1] shows that the Finnish
>> translation of xfce4-panel has some untranslated and fuzzy strings.
>> However, when I run 'intltool-update fi' in the po directory of the
>> current svn trunk (and I've never had any problems with this approach
>> before), there isn't anything to translate. Checking the freshly checked
>> out fi.po with msgfmt reports the missing/fuzzy strings exactly as
>> reported by the stats script but they disappear when the file is updated
>> with intltool-update.
>> Am I doing something wrong, or is there a problem with the stats script?
>> I'd really like to have a complete Finnish translation for the core
>> components in 4.4.
> Could it just have something to do with the fact that the stats are 
> updated every 12 hours? The next update is at 8 or 9 pm CET...

It could, if the situation hadn't been the same for a few days already.
Sorry, I really should have mentioned this...

>> - - Jari
> Max.
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