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Roberto Pariset robdebian at gmail.com
Sun Jan 14 22:38:16 CET 2007

Hey Max,

Maximilian Schleiss ha scritto:
> Ciao ragazzi,
> ragazzi because two of you sent mails to the list with translations in 
> it. First of all, the Xfce team would like to thank you for that work. 
> It would be nice if you could send your translations with your own 
> subject commencing with [IT] and not reply within another thread. The 
> [IT] at the beginning is quite usefull when you browse all the mails, it 
> helps fishing out the ones with italian translations faster.

Good idea!

> as you can see above, there is another translator working on thunar and 
> both of you sent in a translated file. So I leave it up to both of you 
> to check your translations and send me one diff.patch for it.

I already checked when I read Dario's mail. Apparently, it has a few
untranslated strings and some fuzzy. It's just my idea, but I guess it was
just a normal it.po without any new translation. Mine is complete. Let's
wait for Dario's reponse anyway to have it clear. In the while, here's mine
latest diff.

> I committed your thunar-archive-plugin translation but the verve one is 
> outdated. Now that you have your own translator svn tree, you have the 
> latest pot file for translating it.

Do I have my own tree? Where can I read about? I am unable to find any
recent pot. Would be grate if you could point me some instructions.

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