[Xfce-i18n] Thunar translations

timystery at arcor.de timystery at arcor.de
Sat Mar 4 15:23:41 CET 2006

> Don't remove the "..." (esp. don't remove them from some of the menu
> items, while leaving them in place for others) as they are used to
> indicate that the menu item will open a new window/dialog.

well, i already understood that, but i pretty much doubt that this information is interpreted by users and thus, from a usability point of view, i disagree on the use of them in general, but it's your work and you decide how you would like to have it appear.

maybe this might be something where some people might put their ideas on into emails to this or thunar's mailing list. i'm just noticing that opera for example uses those dots quite inconsistent in my personal opinon.

> I've updated your translations a bit, fixing some logical errors (i.e.
> Pango is not a markup language). Maybe we can agree on the translations
> now? ;-)

thought for the user it might be the easiest way to understand what pango might do for him

yes, they are quite well done now, one more thing: don't you want to replace the file name string in "Copy file %s"  to »%s« as you do with filenames and directories in general (and for those moving, linking, ... messages, too)? 
i'd rather do that both for consistency and readability. again your choice.

fabian ;)
> Benedikt

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