[Xfce-i18n] Suggested patch for the documents translation

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de
Wed Feb 8 18:30:10 CET 2006

Daichi Kawahata wrote:
> Hi Benedikt and all,

Hey Daichi,

> Check an attached patch, that's all, I must go to bed now.
> At least it worked for me (Japanese, LTR direction), but
> Arabic, Hebrew must be excluded in this auto-process,
> instead they'll have to provide a generated HTML file or
> require an embedded pointer in the applications to the
> DukuWiki.

The patch looks good in general, pretty much what I was looking for (I
guess we can use it for http://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1366 as

One thing about the patch: You're using po-doc/LINGUAS for the
translated documentations. I think we should should also use po/LINGUAS
for the regular translations then. I'd need to adjust XDT_I18N().

> PS. Benedikt, don't commit my rough & unfinished translation!
> Night,


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