[Xfce-i18n] .it translation for Thunar B1

Benedikt Meurer benny at xfce.org
Sat Apr 29 01:13:12 CEST 2006

Roberto Pariset wrote:
> Here is Italian translation for Thunar B1 (i.e. not the latest svn
> Thunar, but B1). Sorry I did not notice it was coming out in time, and
> even though I am late for B1 I hope this can be included in B1 release
> anyway.

For B2, yes. ;-)

> There are two strings that I could not translate properly, and are:
> Link -> thunar-apr-desktop-page.c:344
> Launcher -> thunar-apr-desktop-page.c:342
> In particular, I am not sure how to translate Launcher in Italian (I
> will probably leave it that way) and I could not find any Link. In what
> cases am I supposed to find Link instead of Launcher?

Launcher and Link are two special kinds of .desktop files. "Launcher"
can be translated like "Application Launcher" or "Application Starter"
if there's an italian term for this. "Link" is for .desktop files that
link to URLs, i.e. an example xfce-website.desktop file:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Xfce Website

Save that file to disk and right-click -> Properties, the title for the
page will be "Link".

> Thanks,
> Roberto


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