[Xfce-i18n] For KBabel users

Daichi Kawahata daichi at xfce.org
Sun Oct 30 04:29:06 CET 2005


Since before, I've been noticing something strange behaviors in
KBabel outside of KDE project (in KDE, I heard it works well),
so I've posted about that to the KBabel ML, got an answer from


(I couldn't find ML archive in KBabel page). From what developer
told me, I understood KBabel goes different way on an initial PO
file generating, if my understanding is correct, a KBabel user
tries to open `$package.pot' file then ignoring `t', KBabel
discards `.po' (with basename) and `$package' is put into the
`Project-Id-Version', however if POT file isn't given, user
creates his/her own POT file with one of given files (PO files),
names it `$lang.pot' then tries to open that, right?

That must be the reason there were so many language codes in the
initial header, but header style policy in KDE isn't same with
GNU, Xfce nor GNOME (it doesn't care of version, copyright strings
other than KDE style strings blah, blah, blah), please be sure
your settings again.

If you want to know more details (full conversations, sorry I
forgot to keep sending to the public ML), I'll attach them.

Again, using KBabel outside of KDE tends to cause some trivial
unpleasant, so you'll have to always be sure on that not only
Xfce but also other projects (yeah GNOME has own application
gtranslator, probably I'll have to check gtranslator too).

Nicolas, sorry bothering again, but if you have any advise or
correction on my post, could you post here (thus, I CCed to
you) if possible (well, but this place may be registered
subscriber only, if so mail to me direct I'll forward it)?

PS. Nicolas, okay, I'll create bugzilla account at KDE.


Language Codes: http://www.w3.org/WAI/ER/IG/ert/iso639.htm
Country Codes: http://www.ics.uci.edu/pub/ietf/http/related/iso3166.txt

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