[Xfce-i18n] Dutch translation

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at xfce.org
Wed Oct 26 08:08:06 CEST 2005

Benoît Liessens schreef:
>     I am currently maintaining the Dutch translation, but I'm happy with any
>     help I can get (there's a couple of other things I need to do as
>     well ;-). 
> Are you maintaining NL all by yourself ?

Indeed I am.

>     Are you familiar with how translations work with gettext and po-files?
> I have heard of 'gettext' and 'po-files' but no, I have never
> had a close look at them. (I'll Google for some details) I have done 
> some software translations
> before (for my previous employer). My main concern/issue - for sake of 
> QA - is consistency:
> How has <fill in english word> been translated previously ? But I assume 
> some sort of tool can assist me with that issue ?

Hmm, now that would be nice. I don't really know of such a tool. I'm 
wondering if the gnome people or kde people may have something like that.

>     Basically, you have a file, nl.po, that contains all translatable
>     strings of a program and their translations. 
> One po-file per app/module/directory ?

Every application or library (if it has translatable strings) has a po/ 
subdirectory that contains the po files, for us that would be nl.po. 
There is a master <modulename>.pot file that contains only the original 
strings. For new translations you copy that to nl.po and start translating.

> BTW: is any language other than english allowed on this list ?

Well, not really. Maybe if it is very language-specific. In that case 
you could add a small note at the top of the email in English to explain 
what it is about.


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