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Brian J. Tarricone kelnos at xfce.org
Sat Oct 22 03:16:04 CEST 2005

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Daichi Kawahata wrote:
> On Fri, 21 Oct 2005 15:34:32 -0700
> Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
>>>I'm now cleaning up ChangeLog files in po directories with script
>>>(http://ch.tudelft.nl/~arthur/svn2cl/), so you don't have to update
>>>these files without Benedikt's package; libexo, terminal, thunar,
>>>and please honor xfmedia/trunk/po/COMMITTERS_READ_THIS from Brian.
>>Might I suggest something...  Xfce SVN is growing with a bunch of
>>different packages, some of which have different maintainers and have
>>different requirements about committing to their trees.  Hell, even
>>between my three trees, I have different things I care about.
> Did you mind my branch/tag unification in xfmedia/trunk/po/ChangeLog?
> What I've been concerned before modifying the file was exact that,
> my intention trimming a ChangeLog (but hasn't any loss) is for end-user
> who'll get the packages from their distributor, in which the given
> path `xfmedia/trunk', `xfmedia/branches/xfmedia_0_9' for each files
> won't make sense anymore after `make dist'.

I didn't even notice, to be honest.  xfce4-commits has been flooded with
mail lately from all the work you do, and I've just been marking mostly
everything read without actually reading it.

If you want to go to the extra trouble, that's fine, but I don't think
it's necessary.  My guess is that a very small percentage of end-users
actually read the detailed changelog, and those that do can cope with
the strange layout.

> Also, I was still not sure how they should be treated in between top
> level ChangeLog and po/ChangeLog (sometimes, they have duplicate entries).

My feeling is that po/ChangeLog contains only stuff that happens in the
po/ directory, and the toplevel ChangeLog contains everything that
happens underneath that top level (including po/) so the duplicates are
fine.  At any rate, for me, I never touch po/ChangeLog, and I update the
toplevel ChangeLog erratically with svn2cl, and I don't edit it at all.

>>What I'm suggesting is a "COMMITTING" file in the root of each module.
> Well, do you mean xfmedia/trunk/COMMITTING, xfmedia/branches/xfmedia_0_9/
> COMMITTING for example?

Well, I'd create a new one in xfmedia/trunk/COMMITTING, but I wouldn't
bother to create one for existing branches.  Or, maybe it just makes
sense to do xfmedia/COMMITTING, since presumably the policy is the same
for all branches.  Yeah, I like that better.

>>It need not be long (preferably it's no more than a couple short
>>paragraphs and/or a bulletted list), and should contain any requirements
>>for committing to that module.
> Probably, if there's a certain guidance for that, we can get more
> descriptive logs, as for the beautiful way of logging, you or Benedikt
> can play a certain role, can't you?

Sorry, not sure what you mean.

>>I don't want to scare translators away by creating a bunch of different
>>requirements, but at the same time, module maintainers need to feel ok
>>about other people committing to their trees.
> Let me say, filename `COMMITTERS_READ_THIS' has already enough impact as
> well as `YES_I_AM_BRIAN'. Well, what did you mean with `module'? If you
> considered that as entire tree (from top to the bottom), probably it's
> me you'd talk with, in other words, translators are basically nothing to
> do with module, only the SVN commit-able translators can access
> MODULE_ROOT/configure.ac(in.in) and MODULE_ROOT/po/.

I suppose not.  I'm probably just making up something to do that really
has very little utility.  For the most part, translators will only be
committing in po/ with the exception of the few people that have access
to configure.ac to update XDT_I18N() as needed.

>>So, if you're a module maintainer and don't give a damn (kinda like I
>>feel about xfdesktop), feel free to not bother.  Otherwise, if this is
>>important to you (like I feel about xfmedia), what do people think?  If
>>this is a good idea, we can add this to the translation committers
>>guidelines as well.
> I'd agree if we could have such guidance at the first place, I was bit
> tired of unfriendly po/ChangeLog (since, having look for the translators
> to create the decent credits, there were many obstacles in front of me).

Right.  This should probably be a more general thing in the translation
guidelines - translation committers should never commit .po files that
don't have proper credits in them, or whatever.


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