[Xfce-i18n] New SVN account requested

Sylvain Vedrenne sylvain.vedrenne at free.fr
Wed Oct 12 23:53:51 CEST 2005

>>>[..] I read 'checkout-po.sh' and tried the first command, but it 
>>>fails as follows (I'm replacing the user name by ####):
>>> sylvain at totoro$ svn co -N https://foo-projects.org/svn/xfce ./

=== Check-out / Check-in successful, but...

Now the command 'svn co -N  etc.'  is running fine, and an 'svn ci' as 
well. Thanks to Daichi and Jean-François for their help in the matter!

...But the cause of the previously failing command is a rather strange 
password problem with regard to https://foo-projects.org/...

=== Residual 'ghost' account? / 'Dual password issue':

// I promise I have stopped drinking (didn't really start, actually).

Either I have two accounts for this site, or else I have one account 
with two passwords!
   - I can log in at https://foo-projects.org/
     using my user name and one password
   - but I _cannot_ log in at https://foo-projects.org/stats/
     using the same user name and password
   - and I can log in at https://foo-projects.org/stats/
     using the same user name...and an _old_ _password_.

=== Details:

On 2005-08-05, I requested - and got - an account from 
https://foo-projects.org/, with a certain user name. (and I immediately 
changed the password).

Yesterday (2005-10-11), https://foo-projects.org/ I couldn't log in 
using these user name and password, and section "request new password" 
was rejecting my email address saying I had no account...
...So right away I requested - and obtained - a new account with the 
same user name, and then I changed the password (avoiding to use the 
same as on 2005-08-05).

=== Question:

// Really sorry about this anoying ghost story, but still:

I can log in to  https://foo-projects.org/  and to 
https://foo-projects.org/stats/  respectively with the same user name 
but with the new and resp. the old password... Can anybody explain this?

Lernu! http://www.lernu.net

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