[Xfce-i18n] pt_BR translations update

Daichi Kawahata daichi at xfce.org
Tue Nov 15 13:42:28 CET 2005

On Sat, 12 Nov 2005 20:54:37 -0200
Adriano Winter Bess wrote:

> Hello,

Hello again,

> Attached to this message are pt_BR translations update for libxfce4gui
> and mousepad against trunk.

>   make[1]: *** No rule to make target `../libxfcegui4/netk-enum-types.c',
>   needed

That file is auto-generated, you'll have to run `./autogen.sh' (this
script passes `--enable-maintainer-mode' to `./configure', note that
without this option, those files won't be generated, so you'll have to
get compilation error as well), however, in general, it's rare that those
files have strings we'll translate. Actually, that file doesn't contain
translatable strings at all.

While POTFILES.in should have listed files that have marked strings for
translation, there's certain inconsistency on management, some developers
list all files, some distinguish file types and I only list the files
have translatable strings alphabetically, it's time to resolve them, so
still wait for committing your translations, sorry.

> o for mousepad, there's a string in the program which says "Word wrap".
>   To me it seems much more like "Line wrap" (at least according to the
>   way the program actually responds to this option in the program GUI).
>   Please correct me if this is just about my poor understanding of
>   english ;)
> o still in mousepad, I found myself translating the following string:
>   "Cannot open pipe to process". This made me remember of a book that I
>   once read ("User Interface Design for Programmers" by Joel Spolsky)
>   about GUI design which talked about good practices about how to report
>   things (specially errors) to users. Well, I know what a pipe is and
>   what the message is about. Translating it to portuguese was really no
>   problem. But anyway, I was wondering what my father would think if he
>   saw a message such as this one ;) I just wanted to discuss this point
>   here because I think it would be a very nice idea to have guidelines
>   for this kind of thing, specially if we plan that people which are not
>   completely aware of all *nix jargon (such as "pipes") can use the
>   software without been scared about it.

That what we should do in the next term, please submit your report at the
http://bugzilla.xfce.org/ (product name: Mousepad), Erik is the developer,
and is not subscribed here probably.

> Besides these, I also have two questions:
> 1) when translating a file that has already been translated by another
>    person, what is the common practice for copyright statements? and
>    for "Last Translator" statement?

Please look at the POT file:


as you see, the copyright holder for PO files would be the one who has
copyright of entire package, in other words, core developer(s) of that
package, the reason I've been considering it's good for the package
maintenance is that if copyright holding will be allowed individually,
next case can be happened; While first translator refers his/her
copyright and licenses under GPL, second translator tries to re-license
with LGPL/BSD (because a translator though GPL was too strict), at the
same time, Debian package maintainer struggles with those licenses.

Please, keep staying as one of credits, it great helps on management.
Just add your name and year of credit, even if you have translated a
few strings, you'd be in position of `Last-Translator'.

> 2) Is it still worth to translate things in the 4.2 branch? I mean,
>    will we have another 4.2.x release?

I have asked that at IRC, because it's what exact I thought on next
4.2.x release, probably it's up to us, for example if given languages
will get translated at the certain rates (over 80-90%) or the like.
I'd like to encourage still translation in 4.2, although I couldn't
guarantee the exact release.


Language Codes: http://www.w3.org/WAI/ER/IG/ert/iso639.htm
Country Codes: http://www.ics.uci.edu/pub/ietf/http/related/iso3166.txt

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