[Xfce-i18n] slovak translation

Juraj Brosz juro at jurajbrosz.info
Tue Mar 8 06:19:42 CET 2005

Here are diff files for the .desktop files. I have made it with diff 
command: diff -r -u0 original.desktop slovak.desktop. Is it right?


Jean-François Wauthy wrote:

 > Le jeudi 03 mars 2005 à 22:09 +0100, Juraj Brosz a écrit :
 >> Hi,
 > hi
 >> i have made some slovak translation for xfce_4_2 branch.
 >> Could you tell me, what is the current branch for translating? Is it 
 > that's the right branch, i committed you translations except
 > the .desktop files because it should have removed other translations,
 > send diff files for the .desktop files
 > cheers
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