[Xfce-i18n] Re: I'd like to help with polish translation.

Jean-François Wauthy pollux at xfce.org
Sat Mar 5 13:19:10 CET 2005

I saw you already submitted some translations, so you can consider
yourself as the current maintainer of the polish translations.

welcome aboard.

Le mercredi 23 février 2005 à 00:19 +0900, Daichi Kawahata a écrit :
> On Tue, 22 Feb 2005 01:24:55 +0100
> Marcus wrote:
> > Hi.
> Hello,
> > I would like to help with polish translation, but I'm a newbie
> > with using diff and all that technical stuff. If anybody who is
> > involved in polish translations could contact me and help I would
> > be most grateful. Thanks.
> Well, I'm not Polish person but there seems nobody active translator.
> Before having translation, it might be helpful to get related stuffs:
>   o GNU libiconv (latest version is 1.9.2)
>   o GNU gettext-tools (0.14.1)
>   o One of Unicode-capable text editor (Emacs, poEdit, gedit etc.)
> I think you have already these stuffs though, I'd recommend Emacs
> with 'po-mode' (including gettext-tools) or poEdit (it requires GTK
> version of wxWidgets) for translation personally, since both have a
> specific future for editing .po file.
> Then, step of translation is:
>   o Make a pl.po file
>     $ cp package.pot pl.po or
>     $ msginit
>     in the po directory.
>   o Modify header fields
>     If it left as it is, error will be occurred at compile-time.
>     Especially if '.fuzzy' tag keeps as it is, your translation
>     doesn't effect at all, simply delete this line when you had
>     certain translation. Also it's important that codeset used
>     in the PO file should be UTF-8 rather than your native one.
>   o Translate each msgstr fields
>   o Check translation whether is valid
>     $ msgfmt -c --statistics pl.po -o po.gmo
>     If error occurred, fix that.
>   o Submit to this ML
>     Jean says there is no need diff-patch, you'll simply attach
>     entire PO file, sometimes (tar +) gzipped one. If you made a
>     large attachment file, note that this ML has size limit per
>     one mail (80KB), I was rejected at once ;), so in that case
>     you'll have to separate that into 2-3 mails.
> Have a nice translation!
Jean-François Wauthy <pollux at xfce.org>
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