[Xfce-i18n] Questions about translation

Juha Kautto kautto.juha at kolumbus.fi
Tue Oct 19 16:27:22 CEST 2004

Hi !

I have now done some translations and I have few questions. Hope 
somebody knows ?

1) I translated so called .desktop files, too, but I do not see those 
being used anywhere. So is there any place in Xfce to see how the 
translations in desktop look like ? (kdm shows xfce.desktop in finnish, 
but I mean inside Xfce)

2) Are there any know problems in this area? I copied and tested new 
translations, but in some places the new finnish words do not appear. 
Previous line is ok but the suddenly there is english and after that 
again Finnish. May be my error, but efore I start checking what it might 
be...is there anything that is known ? perhaps too long phrases are 
reverted back to the original english ?


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