[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 16763] patch for xfce-shortcuts-grabber.c which wrongly ungrabs keys when updating grabbed ones

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Wed May 13 17:31:46 CEST 2020


--- Comment #5 from Conrad Meyer <cem at FreeBSD.org> ---
I don't know what combination of factors was necessary to reproduce the issue,
but I was one of the folks who encountered this in FreeBSD.

The way I start XFCE is a little different from most Linux distributions with a
DM nowadays; I login at console, then run startx.  My xinitrc has a xmodmap
invocation to set up Super_L as a Multi_key and F1 as Escape (I use vim). 
After that, xinitrc execs /usr/local/bin/startxfce4.  The latter is no
different from any other FreeBSD user, probably?  Guido may be able to speak to
that.  I don't know if any of this is relevant and don't know much about X
startup or X applications myself.

My keyboard is a bog-standard 87-key (no numpad) US QWERTY keyboard, my $LANG
is boring en_US.UTF-8.  I don't know what causes the keycode mappings to change
shortly after starting X, but that's probably essential to reproducing it.


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