[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 15727] Replacing a file via Cut and Paste in the same filesystem makes a copy

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--- Comment #14 from alexxcons <alexxcons at xfce.org> ---
Thanks for the patch !

it goes into the right direction .. though if I am not mistaken,  there is
still some detail missing:
Currently only "replace_confirmed", aka THUNAR_JOB_RESPONSE_YES is stored. What
happens if THUNAR_JOB_RESPONSE_NO, aka "skip file" is selected ? Will that
still spawn an extra dialog ?

Could it be that we miss a "if (response == THUNAR_JOB_RESPONSE_YES)" which
removes the node from the list when "skip" is pressed, so that the node is not
considered by the fallback ?
( Or would it be better to store a variable of the type THUNAR_JOB_RESPONSE
instead of the boolean replace_confirmed?

For some reason I do not understand so far, I still fail to reproduce the "copy
and delete" fallback, even if I simplify the "else if " which leads there ...
however I am ok with relying on your testing.

> I feel that the code in thunar-transfer-job.c could be refactored somewhat to reduce the complexity, 
> but I think that would take rather more experience than I have at the moment, so maybe that's an
> idea for the future.
That would be very welcome ! Looking forward to refactoring patches !!  :)

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