[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 13868] Easy to hide the menubar, tricky to get it back if the shortcut key is not known

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Thu Aug 22 18:12:27 CEST 2019


--- Comment #17 from Gaelan Lloyd <glp.xfcebz at eml.cc> ---
Hi Alexx, thanks for writing.  I like your idea, but I think it's a lot of
extra work for something really simple, and it feels like it's hiding an option
that could easily be exposed under xfce4-settings-manager --> File Manager.

I can understand the pushback on adding "Show menubar" under the right-click
context menu, and people wanting to keep that area clean and tidy.  But I think
we should give the users a place to find the setting easily, somewhere that
makes sense and doesn't take a lot of hunting.

One of the reasons I love XFCE and use it as my daily driver on multiple
machines is that so many settings are exposed and available.  I don't have to
go hunting through the settings editor to enable random checkboxes.  There's
this beautiful integration for File Manager in xfce4-settings-manager, so why
can't we just add a single checkbox under the Display tab on "File Manager
Preferences" that controls/shows if the menu bar is hidden or not?

That seems to me to be a simple, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-find option
that doesn't add too much clutter and is in a place where people know to look
to control the system settings.

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