[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 13868] Easy to hide the menubar, tricky to get it back if the shortcut key is not known

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--- Comment #16 from alexxcons <alexxcons at xfce.org> ---
(In reply to Gaelan Lloyd from comment #13)
> If it's decided to put it in the preferences window, I'd suggest having it
> as a checkbox that's there all the time, not just if the titlebar is hidden.
> Reason being, users can get familiar with the options available to them as
> they browse the preferences dialog.  Even if a user doesn't choose to hide
> the menubar, he might remember seeing an option for it in the preferences
> area and go there to recover the menubar.
IMO it only makes sense to add a checkbox into the preferences, if the
preferences can be opened from within the main window without having the
menubar. Without menubar you would have to know that there is "thunar-settings"
which can be launched without thunar to get the menubar back.

(In reply  Theo Linkspfeifer  from comment #14)
> A dialog window would probably be the better solution.
The notification afaik as well needs to be acknowledged ... so imo it would be
not much difference. Why you think it would be better ?

(In reply to Gaelan Lloyd from comment #15)
> Well that wouldn't have helped me in my case ....
If I had to guess, I would guess that you pressed CTRL+M on accidant at some
point. Afaik no changes were done to the menu bar shortcut since thunar 1.6.x,
and as well the default is "show"

I dont think the "hide menu bar" feature is used alot. Probably there are more
users which are annoyed by a disappearing menu bar than people actually using
the feature.
So instead of the notification, how about the following approach:
1. A checkbox "allow to hide the menu bar" in xfce4-settings-editor, default is
2. Only show "view-->menu-bar", if "allow to hide the menu bar" is true ... or
even better: make the entry insensitive
3. Only hide the menubar on CTRL+M if the "allow to hide the menu bar" is

What do you think ?

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