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--- Comment #11 from Brian J. Tarricone <bjt23 at cornell.edu> 2009-11-01 00:50:52 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #7)
> Brian, your two cents worth wasn't.  I can't imagine how anyone can justify
> such a narrow-minded and ignorant opinion as you have made.  Except perhaps in
> their own mind.

Perhaps your imagination is just lacking.

> Please note these facts:
> 1. You started out with an error, and you continue the practice.

I don't believe I have.  This "fact" of yours is a matter of opinion.

> 2. I went out of my way to follow the direction given to users as to the
> preferred way to make feature requests.  I didn't have to, but out of a desire
> to improve that which I have already publicly stated as being an excellent
> start to a great DE, I went to the trouble to clearly document the issue in the
> hopes that someone would care enough to fix the flaw.

So, rephrased: "I started out attempting to avoid wasting people's time."  What
do you want, a cookie?

> 3. I am not trying to impress with my reputation.  That is meaningless.

So why bring up your reputation if not as an attempt to impress?  That's a bit
of a contradiction.

>  You should have already known that one can determine anything that way.
>  Didn't you know that?

Clearly I did, otherwise I wouldn't have called you out on it.

> 4. I am offering my services as (as I often do), at no charge and in the spirit
> of open source software design, to help with the project and simply stating, as
> anyone does when requesting a position, that I feel competent in doing so.

That's just not how open source projects work (at least not any I have
experience with).  You don't say "hey, I have these credentials, I want to do
XYZ, please let me."  You just go ahead and *do something* (though it's best to
ask about it beforehand to make sure no one else is working on it), and allow
people to judge your ideas and work based on their merits, irrespective of who
your are or what your qualifications may be.

> Besides, you're the person who started that dialog.  That is yet another place
> you should not have commented.

This is my house.  I comment when I please.

> 5. Only your misunderstanding states that I don't seem to have humility and
> respect for my peers.  You are wrong there as well.

Blanket statement backed up by... nothing.  You've already shown by your posts
to this bug report that you lack these things.  Yes, that's my opinion, but
it's my opinion here that matters.  If I feel disrespected, you, as the
outsider, are responsible for fixing that if you want me to listen to your
ideas.  If you don't, that's fine, but it seems like you've already alienated
another of our developers, and I'd be surprised if more don't follow.

> And please note, you are not my peer.  I actually do know of that which I speak.

Correct.  At present, from the perspective of Xfce status quo, you're my
inferior.  Hell, if you want to sling around poorly-veiled insults with no
basis, I can do the same.

> 6. It was very telling that after you made your first mistake you felt it
> necessary to cast dispersions on someone else.  Funny, that wasn't in your
> first thoughtless submission.

The only "dispersion" I cast was in suggesting you used the wrong component,
which was correct.  As Jannis pointed out, most of the settings dialogs are
embeddable into the settings manager, though for various reasons that's not
enabled by default, due to problems with the settings dialogs themselves,
having nothing to do with the settings manager.

> 7. By the way, I didn't use the wrong component. First, you don't know why I
> chose what I did.  Second, you failed to document the difference.

See above.

> 8. If you had anything to do with the software flaws I've documented, it
> explains alot.

Ooh, was that another insult?  Sorry, but I'm feel pretty secure with my record
of contributions here, so you'll have to find a better way to troll.

Ah, here's a crappy unrelated ad hominem attack too: "OMG, 'a lot' is two
words; you must be dumb because you don't know that!"  See, we can all play
your stupid game.

> You must be ecstatic now, knowing how wrong you are.  From now on, please butt
> out of my report.

Sure thing.  The higher blood pressure just isn't worth trying to understand
your point of view.  Jannis, I'd suggest you leave it alone as well; you're
just gonna get yourself worked up over nothing.  Nick, if you want to help him
out, have fun, but please reassign this bug to yourself so I don't get any more
of his crap in my mailbox.

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