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--- Comment #10 from KitchM <tech at frontrowcomputer.com> 2009-11-01 07:04:50 UTC ---
Jannis, you just feel compelled, don't you, and you just can't resist.  Let me
make it clear.  No one asked you to hold my hand.  I asked you to butt out if
you don't want to help.  Unlike Nick who was the only one who offered a sound

In detailed response to your points:
-Yes, as far as you know.
-Wrong, and of no bearing on the enhancement suggestion.
-Right, and it has no bearing since that is clearly not my point.
-Wrong; you have yet to explain.
-Wrong; I know and can prove it.
-Wrong; I want to explain what needs to be done.  It is up to coders to make it
-Wrong; I just want those, like yourself, who are doing nothing but attacking
users to leave us alone and stop trying to tell us that something can't be
done.  We know what we want, how it should be and we like can-do people.  I
know what can be done.  You don't.  Which makes me wonder why you are here.

If you were talking mainly about the GUI, you should have made that clear. 
Even going back over your text, I still don't see much of that.  And actually,
I can't find where you wrote that there was room for improvement.  In fact, you
pointedly defended the bad design based on your view that modular designed
components could not be shared in any way for the purposes I propose.  You have
yet to explain how the architecture works in any meaningful way, except for the
nebulous reference to modular design, which again has no bearing.  Are you
purposely trying to be misleading regarding your position?

It seems easy for you to pretend you know how things should be.  Well, welcome
to the club.  But it does make me wonder why, if you know, you haven't fixed
them?  Maybe you don't know.

As to your last three items of your five (after stating "two more things"):
1- Pay attention to what I wrote above and try to keep up.
2- So far you've not been interested.  Too bad you weren't more welcoming and
less critical to visitors.
3- Possibility?  Hell, you've disappointed me plenty.  You seem to have plenty
of time and use it to be highly defensive of criticism.  But heck, I can handle
it.  I just deal in facts.

I think I'll wait for Nick's response.

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