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--- Comment #8 from KitchM <tech at frontrowcomputer.com> 2009-11-01 02:00:22 UTC ---
Nick, we experienced a "Mid Air Collision".  Sorry we got out of order.

Anyway, to reference your comment, thank you for it.  I appreciate your
suggestion.  I once looked at Glade3, but was daunted by the idea of learning
what appeared to be some sort of IDE all for a few moments work.  Are you any
good at that, and do you take dictation?

Otherwise, I like the idea of the wiki.  I am most familiar with that way of
documenting ideas and the exchange of such.  If I did that, where would you
suggest I link it in?

Thanks for your positive feedback, and I appreciate you also doing the "least
you could do".  If everyone did a little like us, what a difference it would

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