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------- Comment #6 from bjt23 at cornell.edu  2008-03-22 03:24 UTC -------
Pretty sure this was correct as INVALID.  You're not understanding how the
"clipboard" works on X11.  There is no actual "clipboard."  When you select
text or do Edit->Copy, no data gets sent anywhere.  The application just says
"I own the clipboard" (or in the case of a mouse selection, "I own the primary
selection").  If another app wants to paste, it sends a message that tells the
app that cut/copied to send the data to the pasting app.  If the app with the
data isn't running anymore, then there's no app to send data from.

That's why we have the clipman plugin -- it makes the clipboard behave more
like the Windows/Mac clipboard for people who want that behavior.  If there's a
problem with that, please file a bug for the clipman plugin.  There's no bug in
Xfce itself related to clipboard/primary selection handling, and if there was,
it would likely be a gtk problem, as we don't really handle that sort of stuff

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