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------- Comment #13 from michael.s.gilbert at gmail.com  2008-07-05 20:42 UTC -------
> Sooo sorry I responded to your inflammatory statement with one of my own. 
> Seriously, give it a rest.

my statement was not intended to be inflamatory.  you misinterpreted it as
such.  i chose the term dogma because its definition is "a point of view or
tenet put forth as authoritative without adequate grounds" [1].  

the intent was to guide you into considering the fact that the evidence at hand
contradicts your beliefs -- the xfce settings dialogs are statically sized, so
why can't the same be done for the about dialog (at least until there is a
better/autosizing solution)?

like i've said many times, this is a very minor issue -- and certainly not
worth getting into a heated argument over.  however, it affects whether xfce
looks polished and professional, and that is important.  also consider that
your actions and words on this bts very much affect xfce's image.  

since it is so easy to make the change, why not just do it?

thank you for your consideration.

[1] http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/dogma

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