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------- Comment #12 from bjt23 at cornell.edu  2008-07-03 20:25 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #11)
> > There is no default font size.
> so, choose something that is reasonable and size the box for that.  590 pixels
> works for me with 100 dpi Sans 9 fonts.

Sans 9?  That's pretty small.  And 'Sans' isn't useful -- that could be Arial,
Helvetica, Bitstream Vera Sans, etc.  They all have different metrics (in
particular Vera is pretty wide on average compared to other sans-serif fonts).

> > Psh, don't give me this dogma crap.  Either be useful, or don't post here at
> > all.
> i am trying to be useful.  inflamatory statements like this are not useful.

Sooo sorry I responded to your inflammatory statement with one of my own. 
Seriously, give it a rest.

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