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------- Comment #10 from bjt23 at cornell.edu  2008-07-03 18:56 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #9)
> > And what horizontal pixel width that makes sense on everyone's display at
> > everyone's resolution at everyone's font size would you suggest?  As I said,
> > calculating a sane value is not simple.
> like i said, ignore the font size, people can use the horizontal scroll if
> they're using large fonts.  i think you have to assume 640x480 is the minimum
> resolution used nowadays.  so choose a value less than 640 that fits the text
> at its default font size reasonably.

There is no default font size.

> besides you've hard-coded the vertical size of xfce4-about to 270 pixels, why
> can't you do the same with the horizontal?

I didn't do that.  I don't know who did, but I think that's semi-foolish. 
Vertical sizing for text is a lot easier to fudge, though, esp given that no
one expects a decent-length document to fit on one 'screen' vertically.

> as an aside, i've been meaning to report on the problems i've been having with
> xfce settings dialogs on my eeepc (which has a max res of 640x480).

Please open a new bug for that.  This bug is for the about dialog.

>  most of
> the dialogs assume a window height larger than 480, which makes a lot of stuff
> unusable.

We've talked about this a while ago... it might be possible to add scrolled
windows to the dialogs so they can scroll, but dealing with screen heights less
than 480 is a bit... retarded.

>  you aren't ahering to your own dogma there, why make a special case
> about it here?

Psh, don't give me this dogma crap.  Either be useful, or don't post here at

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