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------- Comment #9 from michael.s.gilbert at gmail.com  2008-07-03 18:39 UTC -------
> And what horizontal pixel width that makes sense on everyone's display at
> everyone's resolution at everyone's font size would you suggest?  As I said,
> calculating a sane value is not simple.

like i said, ignore the font size, people can use the horizontal scroll if
they're using large fonts.  i think you have to assume 640x480 is the minimum
resolution used nowadays.  so choose a value less than 640 that fits the text
at its default font size reasonably.

besides you've hard-coded the vertical size of xfce4-about to 270 pixels, why
can't you do the same with the horizontal?

as an aside, i've been meaning to report on the problems i've been having with
xfce settings dialogs on my eeepc (which has a max res of 640x480).  most of
the dialogs assume a window height larger than 480, which makes a lot of stuff
unusable.  you aren't ahering to your own dogma there, why make a special case
about it here?

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