ANNOUNCE: midori 0.5.0 released

Christian Dywan christian at
Thu Apr 4 22:58:00 CEST 2013

midori 0.5.0 is now available for download from

  SHA1 checksum: 7a0d5a229bc9034b09f3ebc27d8520e51339f957
   MD5 checksum: ad11685633e23f8173e2cd947d945cce

What is midori?

Native GTK+2/ GTK+3 and WebKit.
High focus on Private browsing, user scripts and customizable keyboard
Adblock, form history, cookie management, RSS feed panel, external
download managers (wget, SteadyFlow, FlashGet).


Release notes for 0.5.0
Time for Midori 0.5.0. I'll say upfront the big number 5 doesn't convey
any major amazements or surprises. What this number does mean is two
things that will unfold their true meaning in the near future: We're
adding support for WebKit2 behind the scenes, much of which didn't make
the feature freeze. Another behind the scenes feature is improved
extension loading, which will enable extensions in private browsing or
in app mode.

A small highlight is in fact the Cookie Security Manager. What's hiding
behind this name you may wonder. Accepting, or rejecting and managing
cookies per site as they come in in real-time with infobars. The perfect
augmentation for Cookie Manager and of course nice in combination with
Clear Private Data and Adblock.

On the command line and kiosk use case front, -e or --execute has become
a great deal more powerful. It's now trivial to update any settings at
startup or during runtime, as well as enabling or disabling extensions.

There's more treats to be found, such as completely configurable Mouse
Gestures, waiting for a GUI to be added, maybe a good starting point for
a new contributor. And History List finally supports ColorFul Tabs

As of this release, any proxy server type supported by libproxy will in
fact be accepted. The server including the protocol can be set via its
curl-esque syntax in the preferences.

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