[Thunar-dev] ANNOUNCE: thunarx-python 0.2.0 released

Adam Plumb adamplumb at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 18:45:39 CET 2010

Hi everyone, I've made a new release of the thunarx-python bindings.
There is only one new thing, but it is a biggy.  The bindings will now
run on any version of Thunar, as far back as v0.4.0.  They no longer
need v1.1.0 to run.  Unfortunately, since there are no python bindings
for ThunarVFS (that I'm aware of), I couldn't implement the
thunarx_file_info_get_vfs_info() function.

thunarx-python 0.2.0 is available for download from:


    SHA1 checksum:  e5838c597612d90f262add39ceae56dc59ad798b
     MD5 checksum:  6b6555157888e7dd91a15732b4970642

    Thunarx-python provides python bindings for the Thunar File Manager's
    extension framework.  Using thunarx-python, developers can easily extend
    thunar in python by adding context menu items, preference actions, and
    property pages, amongst other things.

    * thunar (0.4.0 or later)
    * pygtk (2.6.0 or later)
    * pygobject (2.16 or later)
    * gnome-python (2.12.0 or later)

Git Repository / Homepage:


Adam Plumb

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