[Thunar-dev] How to install exo-1 ?

Steve Dodier sidnioulz at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 11:58:17 CET 2010

2010/1/11 Dmitrij Smirnov <arch at cnc-parts.info>

> Hello
> Yes, you are right.
> At this moment I using Thunar 1.0.0 and want to install Thunar 1.1.0 from
> GIT, beacuse in GIT available patch for wrong string length in russian
> language (function 'strlen' changed to another), also, if I know, new exo
> have a patch for mounting USB sticks and displaying with russian-names files
> How I can install these packages ?
> Thanks, for your help


You need to install the latest libexo, and then you may need to set
PKG_CONFIG_PATH to find the exo pkg-config file (in
/usr/local/share/pkgconfig if you used the default prefix). THen once you
installed Thunar, you'll have to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH if you installed it in
/usr/local (because ld will not look in /usr/local/lib by default, only
/usr/lib and /lib), so that it can find thunarx-2.

I think it's more simple for you to find the commit and write a patch for
Thunar 1.0.0 than to mess with Thunar 1.1.0. It's testable but having
several versions of exo on my system led to GIO constantly complaining, and
i'm not sure if it breaks things or not.

Hope it helped.

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