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On Sun, 18 Apr 2010 23:23:06 +0200  
Adrien ANDRE <adrien.andre at etudiant.univ-lille1.fr> wrote:  
> Hello,  
> I use thunar everyday and i'm very often opening/closing it.  
> And i often need to launch it several times on different directories at  
> one time to drag n drop files.  
> Like my firefox, i'd like to launch thunar once for all when i log in  
> and close it when i log off.  
> Haven't you thought about adding tabs ?  
> Sure a trick would have to be found to improve drag n drop from a tab to  
> another. Maybe split the window into frames, like in Emacs.  
> Good luck  
> and thank you!  
> Adrien ANDRE  
  Many people have already suggested adding tabs to Thunar. And I am  
not an exception, by the way. :)  
  Here is an old discussion where I posted some non-real screenshots:  
############## Begin quote ##############  
Wed, 02 Dec 2009 21:53:32 +0200 <v_2e at ukr.net> напісаў(ла):  
>   Hello, everyone!  
>   I've been reading all the discussions about "Tabs in Thunar" and   
> related things and here what I thought:  
> 1. We can clearly see that there really are many people who uses Thunar   
> and wants it to have tabs. I'm not going to ground this point of view   
> right now (for the 1001st time :) ), I can only say, that I perfectly   
> understand this point of view (I've got the same, in fact).  
> 2. We can also clearly see that Thunar has always been (and it must be)   
> a light, fast and simple to use file manager. I think nobody will    
> object?  
> 3. There are also many people who thinks the 2 things mentioned above   
> are incompatible ("...the tabbed interface cannot be simple..."). I can   
> perfectly understand those people too.  
> 4. So what a solution can be in this case? I guess, the answer is   
> simple: make this feature OPTIONAL. I would even say "strongly optional"   
> in some sense. :)  
> 5. Thinking of all said above, I decided that the only thing I can do   
> right now is dream up a little. I mean I decided to imagine "Thunar with   
> tabs". Of course, I am a very bad artist (in fact, I am a terrible   
> artist or even not an artist at all :) ), but still I know what GIMP is   
> ;)  
>   So, here what I've got:  
> http://pic.ipicture.ru/uploads/091202/l2YYv8N4jI.png  
> Or even more brave solution:  
> http://pic.ipicture.ru/uploads/091202/XN5vV63KFq.png  
>   So, please understand me right. I just wanted to see by myself and to   
> show everyone else how Thunar could look with tabs. Now you may decide   
> whether such interface looks good or not (but who can say that it looks   
> ugly? :) this is still our good old Thunar, just a little bit "tabbed"   
> :) ).  
>   After all said above I'd like to hear your opinion on this topic. Are   
> you or are you not agree with such Thunar interface's right to exist?  
> P.S. Anyway, while looking at the screenshots and thinking about all   
> this, please keep in mind my words about "strongly optional" and that   
> with only one tab it will still look like this:  
> http://thunar.xfce.org/images/filewindow-1.png  
> P.P.S. Of course, I (and I believe -  we all) will use Thunar with or   
> without tabs. That's because I just... love it. You know, it is like a   
> good old friend to me :)  
>   Have a nice day!  
>   Vladimir  
The tab interface in the picture is great, better than Nautilus's.  
############## End quote ###############  
The new links to those "screenshots" are:  
- http://10pix.ru/img1/817207/1238214.png  
- http://10pix.ru/img1/933551/1238226.png  
  I would like to hear some new opinions on them. Do you like them?  
 <v_2e at ukr.net>  
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