[Thunar-dev] Need help with a very simple plugin (I don't know if it is possible)

Yuzem yuzem3 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 10 17:55:02 CET 2009

The plugin is very simple: I wan't it to run a script every time a folder is
loaded with the folder being loaded as the argument.
my-script '/folder/being/loaded'

Thats all.
I have no experience outside bash, thats why I need help in making the

The purpose of the plugin is to show working versions of two ideas: The
first is a mix within tabs and places sidebar that gives the sidebar some of
the functionality of tabs but without adding any complexity to the
interface. The second consist in the implementation of a semi columns-ui
view like the one in OSX but again without adding any complexity and with
some advantages like the possibility of havig the icon view at the same

Thanks in advance.
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