[Thunar-dev] thunarx-python bindings are ready for testing

Adam Plumb adamplumb at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 19:18:48 CET 2009

hi all, I've been working recently on creating python bindings for the
thunar extension framework, and they are "done" to a point where I'd like to
have other people test and give feedback.


The bindings are written for thunarx-2, so you will most likely need thunar
master.  Non-thunar dependencies are gobject, pygtk, python, and
gnome-python.  I've provided some example python plugins in the /examples

A couple notes:
- Currently, you can create MenuProvider. PropertyPage, Preferences, and
Renamer plugins, however, there is a problem with the Renamer provider in
that the standard ThunarxRenamer type does not include a constructor
(thunarx_renamer_new), so you can't create a thunarx.Renamer object
instance.  I don't know the reasoning for why the C type doesn't have a
constructor function, as the ThunarxPropertyPage type does have a
constructor function.  I may just not understand how to correctly use the
renamer though.

I'd love it if people could take a look at this, do some playing around, and
provide feedback.

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