[Thunar-dev] Problem with thumbnails

Andrea Bressan nemoris at libero.it
Fri Feb 15 18:16:09 CET 2008


Sorry if this has already been discussed, I'm knew to this list and  
just tried searching with google.
When I select a big image file in thunar (like a 100-300MB tiff) the  
computer hangs. Looking at top output I see thunar-vfs-pixb... using  
more than available memory (let say 100MB).
How can I fix this? Is it possible to set a size limit or to  
blacklist those files?
I thought about inserting an if just after the call to fstat in  
in file exo-gtk-pixbuf-extensions.c.
Maybe a better solution is to add a parameter specifying the max file  
size to the function.
For now I put big files in a separate directory and open them using  
the command line.

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