[Thunar-dev] Thunars way of sorting files by name with numbers as filenames

Jari Rahkonen jari.rahkonen at pp1.inet.fi
Sat Feb 2 20:21:13 CET 2008

Michael Klein wrote:
> OK, imagine a directory with hundrets or thousands of files with random
> numbers as filenames and let's say they are all images. Let's say the
> first one with the thunar-sorting is 31.jpg. But if i open it with a
> picture-viewer app with the "normal" sortingit's not the first one, but
> somewhere in the middle, because there are others like 101.jpg or even
> 2203.jpg before 31.jpg. So the problem is not the sorting itself, it's
> more the difference between the two kinds of sorting.

IMHO Thunar gets it right and it's these image viewers and other file
managers that should fix their behaviour. Why would anyone put number 21
before number 3 if the file names are supposed to be in ascending order?
Is there any reason for wanting this illogical sort order other than
maybe being used to it?

- Jari

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