[Thunar-dev] eject usb-harddrive

Tino Keitel tino.keitel+xfce at tikei.de
Tue Apr 29 17:00:21 CEST 2008

On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 16:30:10 +0200, Simon Steinbeiß wrote:


> As mentioned above, I do see the "eject" button. Anyways, I tried "exo-eject" to see
> whether this would give me a more comprehensive error message, well here it is (the
> command I ran was "exo-eject
> -h SAME_AS_BELOW -e"):
> Failed to eject
> "/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/storage_serial_WD_1200BEVExternal_575845333037343330353232_0_0".
> No property info.interfaces on device with
> id /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/storage_serial_WD_1200BEVExternal_575845333037343330353232_0_0.

Could you post the output of lshal while the drive is attached and


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