[Thunar-dev] GTK rightclick-menu in thunarplugin

Kees Scherpenhuijzen noik00 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 14:06:55 CEST 2008

Hi all,

Like said in an earlier post on the mailinglist we have started a new
project creating a thunar plugin. The wiki about the project is
planned but not started yet. But information regarding this is found

At the moment we are trying to get to know more about the plugin
functions. Like the rightclick menu and how to insert things in it.
We've already managed to insert actions in it, but we're stuck right
now at inserting menu's.

We have been examining the GTK tutorials and we've found a way to make
menu's(attachement included), and tried to compile several GTK windows
with different options in it, with succes. GTK looks easy mode. But
when we try to combine GTK and a thunar plugin it isn't working the
easy way anymore.

The problem we're stuck on right now, is how to insert an GTK menu in
the richtclick menu?
Where does the created menu must be added to? We already tried several
ways in the " *.*_get_file_actions "-function, but all with no
results. We also haven't found any documentation online what's
mentioning the GTK widgets that are made and can be used in a Thunar

We have already examined the SVN and UCA plugin but without any result.

I have included the plugin "framework" we use to create a menu.

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