[Thunar-dev] Thunar and not wanting to mount devices with HAL

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Tue Feb 27 18:23:07 CET 2007

On Tue, 27 Feb 2007 01:26:06 -0700 Jourdan Ritchey wrote:

>Would it be possible to create a compile-time option for Thunar so
>that the external media management is optional, even if HAL is
>installed and running?

You mean like '--with-volume-manager=none'?  'configure --help' is your
friend.  Really, though, I'm not sure what the issue is.  If you don't
want to use Thunar/HAL to manage your volumes... then don't.  You don't
have to install or use thunar-volman, and if you don't, Thunar itself
won't actually *do* anything with your external volumes (it will only
display them).

>Replies can be sent to my email or posted to the Arch Linux forum.

Then next time, please set the reply-to appropriately.  (Friendly
advice: it's a bit rude to ask people to reply somewhere other than the
mailing list.  Everyone benefits from replies to the mailing list; only
a small subset benefit from private replies.)

From your forum post:

>I have an old Zip100 drive that HAL doesn't recognize, but that I find
>convenient for temporary backups.  With AutoFS, if something doesn't
>work, I change my configuration file, create the appropriate UDEV
>symlinks, and make it work.  With HAL, I'm not even sure I could do
>this - it's too much like the automagical blackboxes that Arch has
>helped me avoid.

I find this somewhat funny.  What you describe is doable with HAL,
without even much difficulty.  Just because you've taken the time to
research and learn how to do something with AutoFS, it doesn't mean
it's impossible or even difficult to do with another piece of
software.  (I've never used AutoFS: it looks to me like the same black
box you think HAL is.)

>Can I turn it off?  Can I have Thunar without automounting?
>Surprisingly, a 'pacman -Rs thunar-volman' didn't do anything other
>than remove a configuration dialog.

Then there's something else on your system that's doing the
automounting, cuz it's not Thunar.


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