[Thunar-dev] Some ideas :)

Harold Aling h.aling at home.nl
Tue Feb 6 14:39:14 CET 2007

Mike Massonnet wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 06, 2007 at 12:29:21AM +0100, daitheflu at free.fr wrote:
>> Sure I know it, but I think the "vista bar" would be much more easy-to-use.
> The what?! O_o  Hey, be polite will you?
I'm pretty sure that he's trying to say that a hybrid location selector 
would be a really cool feature. I fully agree...

Maybe something like this:

[home ()] [harold ()]

where () is a selectbox that lists all directories in the same location 
where the current user has access to...

>> Now you have either to learn a shortcut, type it and then type the path (the
>> VERY good thing is the auto-completition thing).
IMHO CTRL-L has the WORST implementation of the auto-complete feature...

I'm not a blind-typist, so when I press CTRL-L and start typing: 
"/boot/grub" it auto-completes to "/boot/oot/grub", which is very, very 

It's alo remarkable that the "Toolbar style" auto-completion behaves 
like it should...

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