[Thunar-dev] Fuse, scripts and thunar

Jelle de Jong jelledejong at powercraft.nl
Thu Aug 30 18:53:01 CEST 2007

Erlend Davidson wrote:
> Erlend Davidson wrote:
>> fusesmb is a nice simple example since it requires no configuration. If
>> the fusesmb binary is found in the path a device icon could appear with 
>> "Windows Shares" written on it, so that when the user clicks it a script 
>> is run which executes fusesmb (like my script before) and then thunar 
>> navigates to that directory.
>> These scripts could either be distributed with thunar (enable/disabled 
>> by the user) or via a project in the same way as thunar-thumbnailers.
>> Maybe it would be better to stick it in the xfce-places panel plugin as 
>> a test, just to see how it works?
> I'm currently writing a mock-up of this in the panel places menu.  It 
> isn't particularly difficult to do, although it does feel a little like 
> a hack.  Officially should this be handled by thunar-vfs, and a new 
> |THUNAR_VFS_VOLUME_KIND_SAMBA be made to handle it just like the other 
> volumes?
> Thanks,
> Erlend

Hi Erlend, I am really happy with the good start of the xfce-places
panel plugin. May I suggest some enhancements? When I have files listed
in the recent document menu, there is still an entry of no files found.
Can you remove this entry from the menu when there are files listed?

Also When a volume is not mounted it is grey this is a perfect
indication. When I click on the grey volume a sub-menu with the mount
option appears. Would you be willing to change this behaviour to
directly mount and open the volume. It was grey so I know it was
unmounted and I clicked on it so I want to see the files.

If we have a nice standard for inserting sub-menus in thunar we can use
this same standard to insert custom menu's in the places plugin to make
an automount samba ssh or fuse mount, very intuitive gui design.

Keep up the good work, what do you think of it?

Best regards,


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