[Thunar-dev] Filename font and icon spacing

Patrizio Boschi patrizio.boschi at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 13:26:38 CEST 2007

When you "zoom out" icons become smaller, but text doesn't, and also names
don't truncate, so you get some uneven spacing between icons.
Just try to give a very long name to a file, and then zoom out to max level:
the way icons and text are displayed is very messy (eg. you get names
wrapped for only one letter, and row spacing is different for every row,
depending on the longest filename on that row).

Just check this screenshot:

1) Wouldn't be nice to have names truncated when way too long, instead of
changing the entire row size making it messy, and display the name entirely
when you pass over it with the mouse or press f2 to rename?
2) Wouldn't be nice to have the text to automatically zoom with the icons
(at least 2 levels in total, one normal and one thinner for the last two or
three zoom steps)?

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