[Thunar-dev] "No to all" option

Benedikt Meurer benny at xfce.org
Mon May 15 09:30:14 CEST 2006

Brian wrote:
> When trying to copy a file from a directory to another directory that 
> already has a file with the same name, Thunar and other file managers 
> ask if you want to overwrite the file. When doing this with several 
> files, the options are:
> *   Cancel - Don't move/copy the file. Cancel the whole operation.
> *   No - Don't move/copy this file.
> *   Yes to all - overwrite all files with name conflicts.
> *   Yes - overwrite the file with the same name as this one.
> What if you are copying 10 files, 5 of which already exist? You have to 
> click "No" five times. Would it be possible to add a "No to all" button 
> that does not overwrite confliciting files but still copies files with 
> no name conflict?
> I came across this idea when trying to get things on to my mp3/ogg 
> player. It's a big pain to say no about 50 times, and it's also very 
> slow to overwrite files that are already there.

Yep, there's already a feature request for this.


> Brian Schott


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