[Thunar-dev] Summer of code revisited, freedesktop.org

Auke Kok sofar at foo-projects.org
Fri May 5 07:07:27 CEST 2006


I just had a chat with some freedesktop.org people (Keith Packard and Bart 
Massay from PSU) who were surprised to hear that Xfce wasn't accepted as a 
google summer of code project. They are interested to see if Xfce may be able 
to piggy back on fd.o's projects and thus enter google's summer of code.

That basically means that all bets are on for summer of code ideas, and we 
should really see if we can find overlapping area's with Xfce and fd.o (d-bus, 
d-vfs, menuspec etc etc) that are suitable projects and try to enter them 
through fd.o's group. I'll try to get more information as soon as possible on 
this from the people I spoke with.

I would appreciate if people who originally had ideas or were considering 
ideas in this direction brush up their ideas so I can see how we can move 
forward with this - in any case I give this a rather high chance of success.

Aside from that, I heard positive sounds of giving Xfce sort of a 'seat' on 
fd.o - meaning that Xfce would be considered a source of feedback for future 
freedesktop.org development initiatives and possibly other work. In all cases 
this will be positive for Xfce since not only does it put Xfce on the map but 
it will allow us to get some recognition for our development methods and 
possibly get more say in certain development processes where we now stand on 
the sideline watching.

all in all it was a very interesting evening ;^)



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