[Thunar-dev] small feature requests

Martin Hauser mh at alla.franken.de
Thu Jun 22 10:59:14 CEST 2006


> > 2) how about integrating something like "gnome-volume-manager" for
> > device automount? (of course, not gnome-dependant, as the next one
> > too)
> >   
> What that makes Thunar so great is that it's a desktop independent
> filebrowser.
> And i also beleve that the future of Thunar is being a desktop
> independent application.
> I really dont feel seeing Thunar as a yet another Gnome bloated
> filemananger.
> We already have Konqueror and Nautilus, please dont include this.
> > and last but not least,

Sorry, but i don't see why you take the idea apart just cause it
mentions some gnome app. It could use some plain X app for that as well,
oder something designed for xfce itself.

> >
> > 3) are there any plans for adding something like the "connect to
> > server" feature in Nautilus? (i think it's "gnome-vfs" the one who
> > does it).
> >   
> Please, no more Gnome libs.

Who says it must be gnome libs? Still, there may be a few people around
who like typing an 80 char line for scp every time they aiming copy a
few files to a remote location... i'm not one of those. I agree
gnome-vfs is bad, as far as i have seen it's not something a
filemanager like thunar should build upon. But that doesn't stop anyone
from getting this included in thunar otherwise, does it? I think it
would be really nice if thunar could handle scp,sftp,ftp and maybe
webdav, guess would make life a step more easier.


Martin Hauser

Martin Hauser <mh at alla.franken.de>
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