[Thunar-dev] xfdesktop and thunar

Maximilian Schleiss maxschleiss at bluewin.ch
Thu Jun 1 13:25:27 CEST 2006

Rodrigo Coacci wrote:
> Sure!
> It's a bit hacked for my own system, but i believe it can be easily 
> customized for anyone

this is probably the customized by you option, I am just curious as to 
what it would change if not inserted in the script:


I understand this tells it to install the configuration files in etc, 
where else would it install these if this option is not set? I learned 
that without the --prefix=/usr all goes installed in /usr/local/... at 
least on my system.

Also, what does the maintainer mode change?


Thank you in advance for these, a bit off topic, answers.


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