[Thunar-dev] Recent document support

Stephan Arts psybsd at gmail.com
Mon Jul 31 16:54:05 CEST 2006

On 7/30/06, Benedikt Meurer <benedikt.meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de> wrote:
> Stephan Arts wrote:
> > I wanted to submit a feature request for this, but i do not know if
> > this is a thunar-, thunar-plugin-, libexo-feature or none/all of the
> > above.
> >
> > I would like to see an interface to find out which documents have been
> > opened recently.
> >
> > I have found a gnome-discussion about this:
> >
> > http://live.gnome.org/RecentFilesAndBookmarks
> >
> > and there is a freedesktop-spec for it:
> > http://standards.freedesktop.org/recent-file-spec/recent-file-spec-latest.html
> >
> > Is it something to put on the roadmap for Thunar?
> Well, I've cooked a patch to add support to display Recent Files in
> Thunar (using the 'recently-used:'-URI). Dunno if its something that
> should be kept. It's based on the current standard, but can be updated
> to use XBEL later.

Thank you for the patch, i noticed it does not add recent files all
the time. (Files opened with OO.o and Gimp are added, but not with
mousepad and scribus)

What is causing that? Could it be fixed in thunar?

> Benedikt

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