[Thunar-dev] small feature requests

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de
Sat Jul 1 12:23:11 CEST 2006

tomás pollak wrote:
>>>>Who says it must be gnome libs? Still, there may be a few people
>>>>around who like typing an 80 char line for scp every time they
>>>>aiming copy a few files to a remote location... i'm not one of
>>>>those. I agree gnome-vfs is bad, as far as i have seen it's not
>>>>something a filemanager like thunar should build upon. But that
>>>>doesn't stop anyone from getting this included in thunar otherwise,
> Yes, that's what I meant by "not gnome-dependant". I mentioned
> "gnome-volume-manager" and "gnome-vfs" just as a reference, not to ask
> for gnome library integration. (definitely not!)
> I think the idea of achieving this through plugins is really good.
> That way, Thunar can be kept lightweight, but always having the
> possibility to add new features through plugins.
> about the protocol URI scheme: it might come in handy for a user that
> knows of their existance... but what about the normal user?
> however, a good idea is to enable bookmarking sites when using the URI
> protocol. even better would be to permit "iconifying" these bookmarks.
> that way you could have an icon for a FTP or SSH server somewhere in
> your panel/desktop for quick access.

Maybe for Thunar 2.0, but not for 1.0.

> Regards,
> Tomas


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