[Thunar-dev] small feature requests

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de
Sat Jul 1 12:20:31 CEST 2006

Roberto Pariset wrote:
>>Who says it must be gnome libs? Still, there may be a few people around
>>who like typing an 80 char line for scp every time they aiming copy a
>>few files to a remote location... i'm not one of those. I agree
>>gnome-vfs is bad, as far as i have seen it's not something a
>>filemanager like thunar should build upon. But that doesn't stop anyone
>>from getting this included in thunar otherwise, does it? I think it
>>would be really nice if thunar could handle scp,sftp,ftp and maybe
>>webdav, guess would make life a step more easier.
> Hehe :) To be honest, I am quite used to use the shell when it comes to ftp 
> (lftp rox0r!) and ssh. That's also because there's no nice gui that allows 
> you to do that. I have been a Gnome user for a while in the past, and I 
> really found their ftp interface unflexible and limitated (just like all 
> the rest, IMHO).
> If Thunar were to implement this, I really believe that a SendTo menu would 
> make it real easy. However, it's just for sending. To receive... well, I 
> guess a dual fs view, like mc, could be helpful, to move files between 
> different locations. So the side pane should implement something like Icon 
> View as well. Maybe it's too much.
> Probably a SendTo option implemented as plugin, which sends some files to 
> an external app that is in charge of remote transfers would be the cleanest 
> solution. Basically, something like thunar-archive-plugin.

You don't even need a plugin to add an entry to the "Send To" menu, just
add a .desktop file, see


> Greets,
> Rob


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