[Thunar-dev] Network access in thunar?

Stephan Arts psybsd at gmail.com
Sat Aug 5 17:16:40 CEST 2006

On 8/5/06, Benedikt Meurer <benedikt.meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de> wrote:
> Stephan Arts wrote:
> >>Will Thunar eventually support network access such as accessing your
> >>Samba shares? In Gnome, it's possible to connect to the network using
> >>e.g. smb://mycomputer or ssh://me@server. Currently, for these use
> >>cases I have to start Nautilus (and make sure I don't just start
> >>"nautilus", or my desktop will be overtaken by it!).
> >
> > It would be interesting to see this kind of functionality. It has been
> > discussed before, thunar won't support it by default (IIRC), but
> > eventually it will be possible to write plugins for these things.
> Well, I have a patch to add samba support based on libsmbclient, but it
> doesn't work properly right now (esp. auth handling with libsmbclient is
> a mess). I have received several feature requests for samba support, so
> I guess that's atleast important enough to think about this again.
> Maybe I'll commit that for RC1, but disabled by default. Dunno yet.

Do you want to support it by extentions, or build-in?

I'd prefer extentions, because that makes it possible for developers
to extend it beyond smb. Support for SSH, FTP or WebDAV can be written
too by someone if (s)he wants it. Like thunar-apr, thunar-uca or
thunar-sbr, these things could also be supported (and installed) if
someone wants it. And removed if (s)he doesn't.

> Benedikt


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